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Love and Scoring: A Sports Romance discussion

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I’ve been reading a lot of sports romances in the past few years, so it was a surprise to me that when I started this discussion topic, romance readers would go, “What’s that?” But it’s not that they weren’t familiar with the stories; just that it was called a thing. “Sports romance.” Essentially a romance book that involved athletes, either as main characters or love interests, or both. Set in the world of that sport, but sometimes not that much.

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Romance at Filipino Readercon 2015

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There was a lot for romance lovers to check out at Filipino Readercon this year! We had been experimenting as a group with a bunch of things, and everyone stepped up to put everything to the test for a larger audience on Readercon day.

Like this one. I mean, I had a post about how fun this was, organizing a reading with Gio Gahol and Rachel Coates for a small group of authors. What if we opened it up to a larger group? And what if there was a stage, and microphones, and lights, and everything?

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