Favorite Filipino Children’s Books [NCBD2015 Blog Tour]

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What are your favorite Filipino children’s books?

My criteria for this changed a bit, when I became a mom. What I look for now is a book that has a flow to it, use of words that encourages a kid to participate, and makes for a good reading experience for both me (the reader) and her (the audience).

2015-07-08 19.41.30
The Great Duck and Crocodile Race by Robert Magnuson.¬†This was recommended to me by Tarie Sabido, and she was right — my daughter loved this. As we read it more, she takes over more of the words, and soon she’ll be reading it to me. There’s also a crocodile in a skirt, and that’s always funny.

2015-07-08 19.44.49
When she’s older, we’ll read this next. A sweet, sweet story, lovingly told.

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