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Stories/Books I released in 2014

December 20, 2014 - - No comments


Kids These Days (Luna East Volume 1) (short story “Fifty Two Weeks”)
Properly Scandalous (Scambitious 2)
Wedding Night Stand
Say That Things Change: New Adult Quick Reads 1 (short story “Creation Myths”)
Sola Musica: Love Notes From A Festival (short story “Georgia Lost and Found”)
Perfect Boyfriends: My Imaginary Ex/No Strings Attached/That Kind of Guy compiled international edition
Gifted Little Creatures (an Interim Goddess of Love short story, featuring art by Raine Sarmiento)
The Harder We Fall (Spotlight New Adult #1)
Never Just Friends (Spotlight New Adult #2)
Thank you to everyone who was part of what I think was an awesome year, as far as being an author was concerned. 🙂 Hope you’re back for more next year!


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