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Question: Have you ever disagreed with what your editor commented about your story? Do you follow all their comments?

I’ve been getting questions sent to me through email, Wattpad, and I think I’ll discuss some of them here on the blog too.

I’ve worked with at least five editors (and a few more beta readers) since I began writing and publishing, and yes, it still happens that I disagree with their comments. Sometimes. 🙂 I cave of course to anything factual, grammar-related, or lapses in logic in my story. Those I definitely work on, immediately.

Sometimes the comments or suggestions are what some people would consider subjective. More of, there’s nothing wrong with what I wrote, but the editor thinks it should be done another way. Based on her experience, knowledge, and instinct, she’s probably right. When I get these, I start thinking as a publisher, and evaluate what’s best for the book, and will this change help the book meet the goals I have for it. I appreciate when an editor makes me push a little more, and recognizes when I backed out of writing a scene out of fear or laziness. It helps me a lot, and that’s why they’re there, and so valuable.

The times when I put my foot down and defy an editor’s comment is when I know this is what I want to do, and it will be done this particular way. When that happens I take responsibility for the story, all of it, even the “bad parts.” I must warn you though, this is usually a risk, and you could lose readers and buyers if you’re too risky. But I feel this is something I need to do sometimes, so I know what’s possible.

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