Where to get my books (ebook and print editions available)
To order print editions to be shipped within the Philippines:
I own copyright to all these books, and retain most rights to majority of them. Get in touch with me directly at if you’re interested in the work.
Chick Lit/New Adult
I started out as an author writing what publishers called “Chick Lit.” I like to refer to it now as “New Adult Lit” because the stories deal with the things “new adults” have to contend with, like independence, learning to make good decisions, and the relationships that make them grow as people. The characters in these stories tend to be in their twenties.
 Welcome to Envy Park Fairy Tale Fail Love Your Frenemies
 That Kind of Guy No Strings Attached My Imaginary Ex
Perfect Boyfriends
Young Adult/New Adult
The characters in these stories are younger (in their teens) and I have no problem recommending these to young readers.
New Adult/Young Adult Collections
I have short stories in these books, aimed at readers 16 and up.
New Adult/Steamy Romance
Some of my romance stories are a bit steamier than the rest. Not necessarily graphic, but the characters and situations are edgier. I recommend these for more mature readers, or readers looking for more, er, mature themes.

Summit Books editions
Some of my books that started out self-published have Philippine print editions published by Summit Media. These are what can be found in Philippine bookstores. The story has remained the same, for the most part, but the covers and book design are different.

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About Mina

Mina V. Esguerra writes and publishes romance novels. She founded #RomanceClass, a community of Filipino authors of romance in English.
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