Featured Reader: Katrina Flores

To celebrate the upcoming release of Icon of the Indecisive, I’m posting readers’ thoughts on the Interim Goddess of Love series.

I received this through email from Katrina Flores (katrinalyn_erika):

Source: via Mina on Pinterest

I was looking for a good book in National Book Store when I spotted Interim Goddess of Love. Seeing the book’s interesting cover, I bought it. I started reading it on the way home. I love the unique plot about Philippine mythology and to make it more entertaining, it becomes modern. Good thing my mom listens to me every time I have stories about a new book I have read. I even read Interim Goddess of Love in school! Even my teacher checked out the book.

What makes the book interesting is Hannah. I think it’s cool being able to be a matchmaker or problem solver of Love. And what I love about Hannah is her determination to make someone have their happy endings. She really does her best in everything.

I’ve been reading books by Mina Esguerra ever since I read “That Kind of Guy.” Interim Goddess of Love is the first series that I have read that has the plot of gods and goddesses. It’s gotten me hooked on mythology! And also, with Hannah (maybe) finding her own love, I want to know who she ends up with! (But I’m for Quin)

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