Interview with #LunaEast author Cassandra Javier

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1. Describe your Luna East story in a few short sentences
“Something New” is the story of how one girl (Margot) tries to see life in a brand new way by means of opening up her mind and opening up her heart. After being in the company of books and music, she begins to understand that life is more than that–with the help of tall, Blue-Eyed, bookworm Ronan.

2. Did a real event from high school inspire your story?
Nothing in particular haha, although I think it’s a symbol of who I was during the early days of High School–leaning towards books and music more than leaning on people, and about how, deep down, there’ll always be that giddy Highschooler in you.

3. What did you like to read when you were in high school?
Aside from Goosebumps, Nancy Drew and Harry Potter, I was very much into Nicholas Sparks.  I do remember it was during the early 2000’s when I first got hold of Nicholas Sparks books and I really fell in love with them. Also started reading Paulo Coelho in High School. Oh, and Bob Ong.

4. Who do you think should be reading Luna East, and how do we get the books to them? 
It’s targeted for Highschoolers, but I think almost everyone, at least 14 and up can read and enjoy it. Everyone needs something light and good and kilig at times.

5. What other stories are you planning for Luna East?
I’m thinking of something with cheerleaders… ๐Ÿ™‚

Cass graduated with a degree in Broadcasting and has worked as a copywriter, a researcher in an IT company, a call center agent and was even a trainee for a time in a television network. She writes articles for a living. When not writing articles, she blogs, writes stories and whatever she may think of. She loves TV series, movies, music and is a very big bookworm. She’s also addicted to Nail Art, butterflies, faeries, and ice cream. She is also a certified fangirl. 

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