#romanceclass talks, starting March 22

I know how it is. Life totally gets in the way of writing novels. Like everything’s conspiring against you so you never finish it, even though you want to.

You probably know that I’ve made it a mission of sorts to get people to finish that first book. Last year’s #romanceclass was all about that, and I learned that when a class is free, a mix of online and face-to-face, paced, and somewhat focused in terms of content, about 16% of the participants would actually finish something. (That percentage went up considerably in my new class, Steamy Reads, but that’s another story entirely.)

Since then the #romanceclass textbook has been available. It has all of the assignments, lectures, and a recommended schedule to finish writing a book in 3 months. A number of people have it — but none of them have finished their books yet! That I know of. I expected that though, because not all of us learn the same way. Which goes back to the problem of life and its distractions preventing us from finishing our books.

So I’m starting this:

I will hold a 3-hour talk, once a month if I can sustain it, and in person go through the entire #romanceclass program, help participants through some of the exercises, and answer questions about anything else. If you want to do this, you will only need to attend one session. If you want to attend again the following month, because you need to consult on something, you’re free to do so (but you’ll be doing different exercises, based on where you are in your novella).

It’ll cost P600, and that includes the #romanceclass textbook. If you already have the book, then it’ll just be P100 per session.

The first talk will be on March 22, at Toast Box Greenhills Promenade, from 2 PM to 5 PM. It will likely be in this venue every month, unless I announce otherwise. Register at so I know you’re coming, and can prepare enough books!

If you’re coming, I suggest you start thinking about the kind of story you want to write. But know also that #romanceclass has guidelines (there are things I may ask you to change) so have two or three story ideas ready, just in case.


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