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September 9, 2013 - - 1 Comment


I tried something new the past weekend. I got a table at a book fair, and sold books.

Mike and Chris manning the table!
We were at AKLATAN, a Filipino book fair organized by Visprint. I split a table with some authors from #romanceclass, and we actually tried to sell ebooks. Ebooks! Who does that at a book fair?
All of these books are self-published, and have (or will have) print editions. But while we could sell the ebooks for P50, the print books are P300 to P350. That’s a huge gap between prices, and that is the cost of paper! The print books look pretty though.
My loot from Aklatan! 
A few things I learned from this selling experience:
  • Even though we had to explain that we were selling ebooks, we didn’t have to explain that much. I mean, people knew what ebooks were. It was mostly a “which format/which device” kind of deal. 
  • People bought ebooks. We actually sold ebooks! In the Philippines! People bought ebooks by first-time authors!
  • It’s good for an author to participate in the selling of her book, even just for an event like this one. I got to see how people act, how they linger and touch things, and what makes them decide to finally pay up.
Thank you, Aklatan, for giving us the opportunity to try this. And thank you, everyone who dropped by, bought something, asked questions, and took pictures!

The ebook bundles we sold at Aklatan are still available!

Interim Goddess of Love – complete trilogy bundle = P200
Interim Goddess of Love (epub, mobi, html)
Queen of the Clueless (epub, mobi, html)
Icon of the Indecisive (epub, mobi, html)
+ Your name in the acknowledgements of the Summit edition!

#romanceclass bundle = P200
All’s Fair in Blog and War by Chrissie Peria (epub, mobi, PDF, html)
Cover (Story) Girl by Chris Mariano (epub, mobi, PDF, html)
Save the Cake by Stella Torres (epub, mobi, PDF, html)
The Real Score by Kesh Tanglao (epub, mobi, PDF, html)
Vintage Love by Agay Lllanera (epub, mobi, PDF, html)

More books have been added to the #romanceclass bundle! Go to the #romanceclass ebook bundle page.

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  • Jessica

    September 10, 2013 at 1:49 am, Reply

    Hi Ms. Mina,<br /><br />I just have a question and I think it&#39;s fine to post it here :)<br /><br />I just finished reading &quot;LOVE YOUR FRENEMIES&quot; and I&#39;m wondering if you ever wrote a story Isabel as the heroine?<br /><br />I really would love to read a story about her.<br /><br />Best regards,<br />Jessica

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