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February 9, 2014 - - 2 Comments


I’m happy.

A lot of you know that I don’t really do book launches. I’ve fortunately been able to do signings and events, sure (thanks Summit), but an event specifically to show people the first copies of one of my books? Not really. Well, never. It’s a strange idea, because when I publish these days I just click “PUBLISH” and boom, it’s launched. No need to party.

But when I started working with #romanceclass, and started recognizing that I’m part of a community now, I realized that a launch means something. It’s a celebration of a book. It’s natural to want to share that happy news to everyone who cares about us (the authors) or about books in general.

So this happened:

Thank you, Ayala Museum, for thinking that this is something worth doing. The space you gave us was lovely and roomy and so very artsy.

Thank you, #romanceclass authors, for putting everything together. And I mean everything, including this awesome spread!

Photo: dementedchris on Instagram

We launched the #LunaEast book (order here: or wait for the cheaper Student Edition paperback in March!) and became honorary Luna East students too.

Photo: storiestotell on Instagram

Thank you, friends and readers, for coming over and partying with us…

Photo: detteadrianne on Instagram
Photo: storiestotell on Instagram
Photo: taniaarpa on Instagram
Photo: happpss on Instagram

This was an unexpected but lovely surprise…

Photo: _sparksfire on Instagram

A present!

So that was a launch. Also an anniversary for a class that isn’t just a class anymore. It’s now a community of authors, artists, publishers… (bakers, caterers, event planners…) 

I wonder what else we can all do. More, probably. Whatever we set our minds to.

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  • krissy ♥

    February 10, 2014 at 9:08 am, Reply

    Congratulations, Mina and the rest of the authors who contributed to Luna East! I&#39;m so bummed that I wasn&#39;t able to go to the launch, but I&#39;m definitely ordering myself a copy soon! Can&#39;t wait to read it. :)<br /><br />PS: Also can&#39;t wait to join the next #romanceclass ^_^

  • Monique

    February 10, 2014 at 9:30 am, Reply

    Congrats, Mina and #romanceclass! 🙂

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