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Some book recs from 2018

I read 92 books in 2018. 92! That’s probably my best rate in years, and that doesn’t even include re-reads, standalone short fiction, komiks, zines, completed/serial online fiction, pre-publication #romanceclass reads. I won’t be listing all of the titles, and […]

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New-to-me authors read in 2018

Ah, the TBR. We all have our huge to-be-read piles. I’ve always felt that anyone giving my books a chance has done so because they’re kind enough to pull a new-to-them author’s book out of their pile, and now I’m very aware of doing the same, when deciding my next read. Many of them on this list are not new authors, and come highly recommended by friends, so the qualifier is “new to me.” Warning: this strategy opens up worlds of beauty; it does not reduce the number of books to be read.

Here are my new-to-me authors in 2018:

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