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#HeistClub: Crime stories by Filipino authors, out now


#HeistClub is the online crime writing class we organized, to give Filipino authors who wanted to write crime fiction a chance to (safely) explore the dark side. We told the authors to write a “Case number 1” — and imagine themselves at the very beginning of what could be a procedural series. The stories are out now on buqo as ebook bundles. If crime is your preferred genre, I hope you read it! And encourage an author or two if you like what they’ve created.

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#romanceclass 2016, anyone?

So maybe we can do this again, because it’s been a while and we’ve learned a lot since we first did this, and the publishing industry has changed a bit or a lot. Time for an update?

Romance Class

When: March to May 2016
Where: Online, mostly. (Facebook, Twitter, email)
What will we write: Contemporary romance, in English, minimum 30,000 words, steam optional, Philippine setting preferred, must be ready to publish indie-style if you make it all the way to end.

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#SparkNA: An update

The #SparkNA class has ended! Sponsored by Anvil Publishing’s Spark Books imprint, this free online class set out to help authors write and finish a contemporary new adult novella. And possibly get them a print deal. Over 200 writers signed up, with over 80 moving on to officially join the class.

On June 6, the last day, we received these submissions. Each one is a complete NA novella!

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About Mina

Mina V. Esguerra writes and publishes romance novels. She founded #RomanceClass, a community of Filipino authors of romance in English.
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