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Feisty, flawed and all

Chic Manila

It’s rare now that I’m in a position to read or edit someone else’s story before publication, but if I am, I tend to champion the “feisty female main character.” Feisty of course could mean anything from quirky to flawed and whatever else comes in between.
I like female characters who are a bit…out there.
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Question: Have you ever disagreed with what your editor commented about your story? Do you follow all their comments?

I’ve been getting questions sent to me through email, Wattpad, and I think I’ll discuss some of them here on the blog too.

I’ve worked with at least five editors (and a few more beta readers) since I began writing and publishing, and yes, it still happens that I disagree with their comments. Sometimes. 🙂 I cave of course to anything factual, grammar-related, or lapses in logic in my story. Those I definitely work on, immediately.

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How I write my books with limited writing time

No one really has time to write.

There are other things we could be doing. I won’t even list them down because that’s just the reality of today — we all have other places we should be, things we should be doing. If you want to write, but think that the only time you can start is when you are free from your other responsibilities, then it might never happen. Because when really will the responsibilities stop?

And if you never start, then that’s too bad.

What I do instead is find out when I will have time to write, and maximize it. When I was writing No Strings Attached I wasn’t a mom yet, but I was working, and had thirty minutes at the end of every workday. I wrote most of that book during that time.

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Mina V. Esguerra writes and publishes romance novels. She founded #RomanceClass, a community of Filipino authors of romance in English.
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