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Another MIBF! Happy for the event-filled weekend and the weather that seemed to cooperate. Going to MIBF always gives me a good idea of what I want to do the following year, moving forward as an author and publisher. Thankful that I was given the opportunity to share how I do things, with other people. I hope they find themselves encouraged maybe? And less intimidated by the whole publishing thing.

Saturday morning. Not apocalyptic!

A quick pic with co-panelist Alyssa Urbano during our Readers Who Write forum. Not in pic is Kate Evangelista, who had the floor at the time, and facilitator Gabriela Lee. A great recap of our session is here, by Liana Smith Bautista.

While grabbing a quick bite to eat, this happened. There was also an anime con at the same time. I should have taken more pics!

My second session for the day was a quick talk on Marketing for authors. Author Bebang Siy also shared how she does her marketing/branding…and you can see she does make an impression when you see her in person at these things! Sadly I was underdressed for this.

Had a few hours in between my talks and my scheduled book signing at the Summit Media booth, so I jumped right back into the book fair and explored.

I said I’d give prizes! Katrina and Ana were at all of my MIBF events and got first pick.

Michelle chose this international edition of Fairy Tale Fail (which is pretty much the same as the local edition, except it has a different cover, and a glossary explaining the Filipino terms).

Violet picked the international edition of Icon of the Indecisive. Yay! Louie got the international edition Love Your Frenemies, but I wasn’t able to take a pic of her with it. 🙁

I was back to MIBF the next day to attend the Wattpad forum (thank you for the shirt!) and tried to get my Jennifer E. Smith and Lissa Price books signed. Didn’t actually get to have them do it because we left before my number came up…but I got to watch them sign! And I saw the readers lining up for them! Still get a kick out of that, watching readers and authors appreciate each other.

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  • Trisha

    September 22, 2014 at 2:15 pm, Reply

    I missed everything! T_T I really should make a plan when I go to the MIBF next year.

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