#StrangeLit ebook launch at Recession Coffee (October 24, 2015)

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I’m still a little overwhelmed and unable to process most of my feelings about having actually gotten away with doing the #StrangeLit class, much more the launch, but here’s an attempt:

We put the #StrangeLit class together because people asked for it. I kept doing this online class thing but for the romance genre, because that is what I write. I didn’t feel comfortable mentoring anyone on fantasy and anything else…so I didn’t. #StrangeLit was the same class methodology but with resource persons who wrote and published fantasy, and I guess it worked! 41 authors out of about 90 active participants made it through to the very end.

These stories are now available as ebook anthologies on ebook app buqo. They’re grouped into 4 bundles, and buqo is probably the cheapest and easiest way to get all 41 stories right now. Get the buqo bundles here!

I hope that, if you’re reading this and support the idea of people writing new things, you give it a try with a purchase. Many of the authors here aren’t full-time authors; they took the class and worked on a dream while being someone else (someone practical) in real life. Finishing a story is one thing — having that story read, purchased, talked about…that’s another thing entirely, and it’s an experience that only readers can give. If you prefer reading paper, know that print is a business that costs money and trees, and the decision to spend money and trees will come only when there’s enough support early on. (Like now.) We’re working on it though!

Thank you, Recession Coffee, for having us!

Authors prepared giveaways for people who dropped by and bought the ebook bundles. The gifts were awesome and creative!

Most of the program was devoted to authors introducing themselves and reading a little bit from their story. The crowd was huge, which can be overwhelming and heart-warming at the same time. So happy for everyone!

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