Sometimes people send me questions, after reading some posts on my site. Usually the questions are similar, so I’ll post my answers here.

Q: As an author, do you have to register as a business? (DTI, BIR, etc)

A: It depends on what your goals are. You can register as an author with the National Book Development Board, and get certain benefits and protection. If your goals as an author mean you encounter businesses that require paperwork and a registration, then yes, do register.

Q: Is Bright Girl Books your imprint?

A: Yes, but mostly for metadata and easier searching of my romance books.

Q: How does Amazon pay?

A: Through bank transfer. I will not be endorsing any sites that handle your money (because it’s your money and any decisions on signing up for a financial service should be yours alone after doing research).

Q: Do you hire an editor?

A: Yes. (As of 2018 I have 2 editors and maybe 2 beta readers per manuscript, before I publish.) I have a list of editors whose contact information I can send, but they specialize in romance fiction. If you don’t write romance fiction, I suggest reaching out to indie authors in your genre, whose books you think are well-edited, and ask them who their editors are.

Q: When’s your next writing class?

A: I announce it on this site, and on Twitter and Instagram @minavesguerra. If you’re interested in writing contemporary romance in English, please read as many of my books and the books of other authors listed at as you can, before joining a class. This is what we do, and what I teach, and it’s best to join if you know that this is what you want to do.

The most recent #RomanceClass was held in July to Oct 2022. An updated video lecture and presentation can be purchased here at Gumroad or direct from me.

Q: When’s your next publishing class?

A: I did a publishing talk in 2022. You can purchase it on Gumroad or direct from me.

Q: Are your books in bookstores?

A: You can purchase my books online from me [Buy from Mina],, or do a search for my name at Bookshop, The Ripped Bodice, Love’s Sweet Arrow, Mt. Cloud Bookshop (Baguio), Secret HQ (Komiket), and other retailers.

Q: Can I just email you all my questions, instead of read through your website?

A: If I’m giving a session or I’m on a panel about publishing you may ask a question there, but I don’t recommend emailing me directly. I don’t respond to emails where people send me unsolicited manuscripts or book ideas.

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Mina V. Esguerra writes and publishes romance novels. She founded #RomanceClass, a community of Filipino authors of romance in English.
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