2016, our first year of ~Feels

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#FeelsFest (October 22, Glorietta 5) in a nutshell:


So, I think it’s safe to say that this will be the last ~Feels Day event for 2016. Which is funny to me, because when we started out, we didn’t even think we’d need to plan more than one. And now, as the year is about to close, we’ve held three romance events, hosted 4 live readings, sold our books at fairs, and launched the new books of 20 authors.

We will be doing more of this, because we…are having fun. And the partners who have helped us do these things want to do more, and we’re also discovering that more partners want to help.

I’ve been getting this question more and more lately, so here’s how you can participate in future Feels Days:

As someone who likes romance stuff:
Just attend! It’s fine if you’ve never read our books. This could be what gets you to start.

As a Filipino author:
Write a book, or tell us about the book you’ve written, that’s also romance in English. I established some guidelines for writing the books during my classes, but attending the class isn’t necessary — as long as your book follows the guidelines. The textbook is here, if you really want to know. (Some sample guidelines: No sudden death or illness; no “average” characters; if there’s sex it must be consensual, responsible, and hot.)

If you’ve self-published your book, great. If it’s on Amazon and there’s a print-on-demand edition, even better. We encourage selling of print books during the events. If you’re selling an ebook, that’s more difficult, but still doable.

If your book is with a traditional publisher, talk to them about how you can participate. Or have them sponsor us. 🙂

If you’re not sure if your book is a fit, attend one of our events first so you can see what the others have written! Or check, and read a bunch! Strong romance elements are required.

As a creator/maker of cute stuff/merchandise:
So far, we’ve been buying: Stickers, shirts, mugs, necklaces. Not all events have a selling component, but we do invite makers if the venue allows it.

As an author who wants their book featured in the live readings:
The live reading setlist is still as of now decided by me…and I can’t promise spots for every book there. But I’m always on the lookout for books that could be right for a live reading session, and when I find one, I contact the author and ask for permission for the pages to be read. What you can do is…let me know your book exists? If it’s going to be featured, you will hear from me first.

This weekend I’ll be in a meeting to plan the next event, scheduled for February. Thank you for wanting this! We’ll keep at it!

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