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I Google myself. (What, you don’t? Because you should.)

This hobby has led me to blogs of people who read the book and wrote something about it. It’s always fun to see, but I’ve so far kept myself from replying directly because I’m not sure what the etiquette is. I actually like seeing comments of people who don’t know me, and don’t think I would ever see what they wrote. Replying and acknowledging seems like the right thing to do, but it also breaks down that wall and I don’t know what happens after that.

So I have not outed myself yet and replied to the blogs. In some cases they noticed something and I have an explanation for it, but I’ve decided to stand by the editorial choices that I (and my rockin’ editor Ines) had to make. That thing? Sadya yon. Lahat yan, sadya. 🙂

Friendster, on the other hand, is something else. Oh, Friendster. My account there was idle, until I made that wonderful discovery that people were adding the book to the “Favorite Books” space on their profiles. Suddenly that social network I had left because it was too “open” became the place that gave me happy fuzzy feelings almost every day. Couldn’t help it, started sending private messages of thanks to the people who added My Imaginary Ex to their profiles. I have not been able to thank them all, because some of them have private profiles, or have restricted their messaging to friends, but I hope you wander onto this post one day and know that this is for you and thank you. 🙂

That said, hugs to: ★ maria ★, depel pilo, akÖ., nickea covar, Maryneth, ei – ei ™, rosabєℓ :), tin tin =x, eri ck, yHanZieLLe_14 aGOzAr, GHiA, tri.cia., rORy, CAMILLE and j.lo. I’ve contacted all of you one way or another already but here’s another shoutout.

(Also, if I must be analytical about it, this Googling myself exercise has shown me who my audience is and what they respond to. Not exactly the audience I thought, but that is why I’m a newbie and need to learn things.)


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