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Am the type who feels like talking to people takes a lot of my energy and also the type who tries not to talk too much to customers lol but if I can make the time to man a table selling our books I will. People have questions! It’s great being able to answer and recommend.

What questions did I get this time? “Are these all Filipino?” Yes all Filipino authors! Writing in (mostly) English. “What can I buy for my niece?” What age? *points to YA books, explains heat level scale “Do you have LGBT?” This one! *points to Kilig anthology

*this last one admittedly we don’t have enough! only some short stories in anthologies and collections, and then 2 standalone titles. Kulang talaga pls “If I were to start reading your books which one do I get?” Interim Goddess of Love if not a romance reader…

My Imaginary Ex if a romance reader but new to Filipinos writing romance in English, What Kind of Day if romance reader who reads higher heat lel. (Buyer bought IGoL!)

“I have some of the books na from before” *points to new stuff! 2022 releases on the table Books that were the most picked up/touched/flipped through FIRST

Titles spoken out loud to another person: “KILIG” “Kilig daw o” (“kailangan ko niyan”) “My Imaginary Ex” (by a child lol) “Love at First Run daw o”

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