Commitment and taking classes

One thing about commitment. (Not what you think, or maybe it is.)

My classes that have been free:

#romanceclass – Free, web-based, open to anyone in the world, 6 months long. 101 participants. 16 finishers. (16%)
#buqosteamyreads – Sponsored, web-based + face-to-face, open to 18 and above, 5 weeks long. 63 participants. 16 finishers. (25%)
#flirtsteamyreads Sponsored, web-based, open to 18 and above, 2 months long. 42 participants. 11 finishers. (26%)

Some of you have attended seminars where I’ve spoken, and spent P500, P1000, or underwent training and paid a little more.

The chances of you “succeeding” (accomplishing what you set out to do be it publishing or finishing a book) go up when you COMMIT.

It’s totally up to you what that means to you — is it committing your money? (I can tell you that EVERY single person who paid for the training is published now. 100%)

Is it time? #buqosteamyreads came with 3 face-to-face classes which I think helped push people to finish. Most of the finishers were also face-to-face class attendees.

Is it reward? #flirtsteamyreads comes with a potentially very lucrative worldwide digital distribution deal, and more than one author shared with me that this was why they were so motivated/compelled to finish a book.

I’ve stopped the long-running, free #romanceclass because while I learned a LOT, I can’t keep putting in that much time only to have 16% of the students accomplish something. But you don’t need me for this anyway, if you just want to “see if this is for you” — I’ve printed the textbook, and you can message me here if you have any questions. No classes necessary. ๐Ÿ™‚ Let’s call it fair trade — if the student can only spare a few minutes a day to do this, then can I also spend the same number of minutes teaching?

In the meantime, let’s experiment with the workshop system that demands 3 uninterrupted hours of our time per day, where you feel that you deserve that time because you committed to it. Let’s see what the success rate will be for that. ๐Ÿ™‚


Reflecting on this because I’m teaching romance novella-writing for teens and adults at the Ayala Museum in September. Details here!


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