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I’m starting this series of posts because I’ve been rethinking which parts of social media should I be putting the little things I do that are not yet its own Big Topic. A few weeks ago I had decided it would be Instagram, and then soon after Instagram made the experience worse for users who aren’t posting videos. I do post videos sometimes, and may still do that, but I’m really a text and occasional photo kind of person. Where do I go?

Here, I realized. ~snuggles into blogging

[As I was writing this, the strongest earthquake I’ve felt in this building just happened! A little frazzled but…am going back to composing this now.]

So what are you up to, self?

1. I posted a preview of FIRST TIME FOR EVERYTHING, my newest work-in-progress, on Wattpad. This was not what I started writing (as perhaps my 28th book) in December 2021, but I had started seeding the plot for this in that book because this was meant to be book 2…and then I did not stop thinking about it. I’ve now let it take over my schedule, and I’m writing it first.

A reminder that this a preview and things could change upon publication! But here’s a synopsis:

During lockdown, good friends Sabrina and Victor spent a few days together in the same apartment. She was starting a cafe; he was teaching her some of his family’s recipes. They made sandwiches, then made out, and almost had sex. At 39, it would have been her first time, and she had just been laid off, and she was just about to put all of her savings into a business that would open during a pandemic–anyway, she panicked. And fled, and did not return any of his calls or messages. And regretted it ever since.

That night looked like a rejection, but Victor was never mad at Sabrina about it. They’d known each other for a long time, and if anything had happened he would have failed at being in a relationship. He was already everything to everyone, from keeping the family business running, to being the reliable eldest son while the world was seemingly on fire. No time to fall in love, even with one of his favorite people.

Two years later, and it’s still not the right time, their world is in an even worse mess, but Sabrina calls him anyway and asks if they could try again. Which part? Everything.

2. #RomanceClass2022 is ongoing! Today is the deadline for Assignment 1, which is when author-participants submit their story concept but written like a back cover blurb/Amazon description. It’s an exercise in visualizing the finished book at the beginning, and the community gets to react/comment on the blurbs (without the author’s name attached). Mainly, will they buy this book now or not? What do they need to see so they’ll buy it now?

No-context #RomanceClass2022 based on 20 submissions:

Posting and commenting on these submissions for a week has an effect on my brain btw — it was probably why I was finally able to write a draft synopsis for First Time for Everything (see above), which I should have done at the beginning! LOL suddenly I became less anxious about my book and now see the path before me. I still get the feeling when starting a new book that I’ve forgotten “how to book” and doing the class and telling other people about the process reminds me that there is a process that works for me, and this feeling of being completely lost will pass.

3. The #RomanceClass x Komiket collab folks got a one-month extension for their submissions but that deadline is now this weekend. Time flies! We’re supposed to do another “final meeting” today (because I thought the final meeting was last month, but anyway “final final” is a thing in publishing). Happy that more comics get a chance to be included! Excited for the publication and the events coming up!

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