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1. I’m always thinking of new projects for our books, but periodically as I’m reminded that our world is on fire and our systems are failing us, I end up pausing those so I can do other things. That new thing this week is putting my Chic Manila series bundle on pay-what-you-want (minimum $5) on Gumroad, so people can get 14 of my books and stories while I donate all the proceeds to friends/public school teachers A and P, because their schools are opening to full-time face-to-face in a pandemic, and they have no government support for regular classroom repairs and supplies, nor do they have substantial government support for the new things they need because they’re teaching during a pandemic. It is a mess, and we should be angry, and it’s hard to think about promo projects for books while this is in my head. Donate and get my entire series here:

2. I’ve helped publish a new YA romance (under #RomanceClass Flicker) called “Feels Like Home” and you can start reading preview chapters on Wattpad here: For the past couple of years I’ve found it great for my new releases to have a Wattpad preview (or complete upload there alongside pre-orders). I’m active on various platforms, but to reach out to Filipino readers, Wattpad is where we should be. It is, by now, a diverse enough audience and even my books with 40-year-old characters have readers there. For YA lalo na.

3. I started watching Darna. Eventually I feel I will get buried under a backlog because I cannot keep up with a daily show, but it is giving interesting commentary about human villains alongside alien ones.

Also started watching Sleep With Me. This is a limited series and I’m more likely to finish!

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