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Currently? Like now? Twitter is falling apart. More than usual. If you’ve been visiting this blog more often because I really have been more active here, writing thoughts and stuff — welcome and yay.

1. If you want #RomanceClass stuff in your email inbox, subscribe here. We’ve had this list for a while but did not update in 2 years. Well, we will start updating this more often!

2. I am, in a very small way, also on Mastodon at Mas makalat pa rin tayo dito though. Perhaps drop this blog URL into your RSS reader instead. (Like in 2005.)

3. I watched TWO Discovery Plus Christmas movies that have Filipino love interests. Designing Christmas and One Delicious Christmas — watch those if you can!

4. Carla de Guzman’s A Match Made in Lipa came out in ebook earlier this year and…a print edition is here and I have a copy! It’s an author copy from Carla (thank you, Carla!).

The cool thing about the Harlequin/Carina Press Laneways duology by Carla de Guzman? These books are by a Filipino author, the characters are Filipinos in the Philippines, the covers feature Filipino cover models, and Sweet on You’s audio edition has a Filipino narrator. This is awesome, and any fellow Filipino author should ask the multi-million dollar corporation if they’re sure when they say there’s no money for a Filipino editor/sensitivity reader, a Filipino cover model, a Filipino artist/designer, a Filipino narrator, distribution to the Philippines.

That is, if the Filipino author wants this support and believes they should have it. Some authors don’t, so they never ask, and the cycle of publishing never building systems of support for our books continues.

But I write this post for those who work on the books, so that they make better choices. Your first Filipino author? Is not the only Filipino author. Learn from those who actually work on books by Filipino authors as a career, and in fact, work with them too. Do better.

5. My “How I Publish Worldwide” lecture (slides and script 2022 version) is now up on Gumroad. This was presented free to those who attended RomanceClass2022 and a few other guests. If you attended that, it’s the same thing! Maybe don’t purchase it especially if you took notes naman.


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