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1. Get the KILIG anthology at Paskomiket, Dec 3 and 4, at SM Megamall (Megatrade Hall 2)! I won’t be manning the table but I’ll drop by on one of those days. Kitakits!

2. I read Kate Gavino’s graphic novel A Career in Books and enjoyed it so much. So so much. The author/illustrator is Filipino American, and I first encountered her via her book Sanpaku, available at the local author display of Brazos Bookstore in Houston. (ICYMI I have family in Houston.)

Some things I just had to show my Twitter timeline friends:

3. I’ve crossed 15,000 words on this work-in-progress (documented via my weekly Wednesday writing sprint #KiligCafe).

This was a good thing to note because for most of 2021 I could not finish writing anything longer than that. I already don’t believe in padding a story or artificially inflating it to meet a word count, but 2021 really was a year of short work for me. But for this one, words are still showing up, whew.

Short work is still work, and I’ve compiled the Julio, Manuel, and Alia stories for an upcoming print edition. Get it on Gumroad. [Code to get it free is the name of the restaurant in the compound where Alia lives. Two words, lowercase, no space.]

4. I have a Reddit AMA at r/RomanceBooks on November 20 10 AM EST!


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