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1. On any given day I can look outside and see various parts of Metro Manila. I’ve set probably 15 books in that part of the city. I don’t know if people still do this, but when I was starting out I was asked why Manila, a lot. For various reasons. Why the place? Why those particular people? Why that language? Who cares about this anyway?

I’m glad I didn’t stop (or at least, I kept going with some spite lol), while thinking about this. There are good reasons why people have said that, but I was not always the person meant to write the thing they wanted. I can be the person who buys the thing, reads and talks about the things, puts together a panel for the thing, sponsors the publication of a thing. For better or worse, what I’ve done is I’ve written all sorts of landian in this metro area. During a storm, on the beach, on a balcony, at a wedding, in traffic … it’s not that deep, but I also give myself credit for writing romance set in what some people will say is a level of, well, hell. And I’m still writing this place, because the words and feelings have not run out. I know, I can’t believe it either.

2. The first 2 chapters of Iris After the Incident audio edition are up! This is my first audiobook, narrated by Rachel Coates, and if you’re reading this for the first time please take note of the following content warnings: the “incident” is a sex video made public (in backstory), and toxic family relationships. Subscribe to our YouTube channel to get all the chapters. Or get the audiobook at your preferred audio retailer.

3. I posted about having no plans for the RomanceClass 10th anniversary yet, but now, 6 days later, I am saying we will have some things.

As Miles Tan reminded me (on Twitter), this is not unusual for us nga. Sometimes we’re just thinking of something, and then suddenly there’s an event. Please keep reading my updates here, if you visit this blog anyway, so you don’t miss anything, especially if Twitter is no longer a reliable place to make announcements.

4. I had a great time at the Reddit r/RomanceBooks AMA! Read it here.


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