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1. I’m currently watching K-Love on Viu (available to watch on any browser!). It’s a series written by Tara Sering and Tweet Sering, and if you grew up on Summit chick lit like me (before I wrote Summit chick lit) this should be on your radar too.

2. I watched John Wick Chapter 4. It’s great.

3. My books + RomanceClass books can now be purchased at Magdamag Market Cafe, Sgt. Esguerra Ave Quezon City…

…and Collective Base Theater Mall Greenhills, San Juan City. Look for CAB 109!

4. If any editors of contemporary YA (featuring teen characters whose parents are Asian immigrants) wander over here, I have a request: The right thing to do is to remember that the MC’s parents were adults in their respective countries in Asia in the 2000s. Do the math! These countries very likely were in a vastly different political/social/economic/tech situation in the 60s/70s/80s, when the author’s parents immigrated.

It’s not right to have the teen Main Character act and think like their parents left a country that was technologically behind and had no culture separate from American pop culture. I’m embarrassed to have to remind you that in the 2000s Asian countries had the internet, cellphones, texting way before it became mainstream in the US, formative music and movies and animated series and tv shows. Entire cultures, as countries do! It’s insulting when a book makes it seem like the MC’s parents only found progress and technology and culture when they moved to the US. There are very specific situations where this is true, and when you edit a contemporary YA make sure the situation fits.

If the aim is to make readers feel seen and included, acknowledge and introduce the greater world; don’t reinforce the lazy and uninformed stereotypes that actively feeds the distance, distrust, and hate.

This admittedly-unsolicited tip courtesy of the always unexpected kick to the gut when reading contemporary YA.

5. I’ve been posting my draft of my upcoming book First Time For Everything on Wattpad and 19 parts are up now! We’re nearing HEA, my friends. If you’ve been reading and you think they’ve just been coasting along, all landi and snack foods and not a lot of conflict, that’s it, that’s how we are writing in this economy and circle of hell. Enjoy!~

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