#FeelsFest2019: Wherein we tried to relax

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We really, really tried to relax. There was nothing on the program except a few announcements and messages from some authors, and the live readings. No workshops, or talks, and we didn’t look for sponsors, even. Come to the thing, wear pajamas, relax, we said.

Links to the books here:
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I posted about what was new, about FeelsFest2019:

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#FeelsFest2019 was a time for new friends maybe: First time live readers @booloveslife and @raphaelrobes brought the kilig, @jodimcalister talked about an ongoing research project that involved romanceclass (!), and we were happy to see people attending their first #RomanceClass event (occupying the seats and bean bags and floor but inexplicably not at all that one couch lol). We love this part; it's always an inspiring experience, seeing the community discover and welcome new things. ❀ photos by @k0nsuella and @tarafrejas

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And here’s my post about the wonderfully consistent things about #FeelsFest2019:

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I was interviewed for a research project today and talked for hours about running #RomanceClass, and it helped me process a few things: New is refreshing yes as per my previous post, but trust sustains things over time and all the changes. By now, @giogahol and @theatrachel know us and what we do so well that they can give my lecture lol and it shows in how they nail any and all readings, every time. @migs_almendras @samboaquino have read so many characters and become each one while they're reading, always with such joy. Loft our venue two times now has been OK with our noise level whew (someone took a decibel reading, friends, we are a LOT) plus they have a shelf and nice tables and comfy bean bags and all these things we need apparently. @tarafrejas @itstimeana on social media and web things, plus @ronreads when we're selling books. @gelauy @k0nsuella documenting our feels in video and photos. These events are a constant experiment it feels like, but it's an honor every time we get to work (again and again) with people this talented and skilled and caring. ❀ Thank you! #FeelsFest2019

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We’ve done AprilFeelsDay/FeelsFest a number of different ways, and I guess I have to accept that it’s always exhausting hahaha. Setting up was a breeze, but we still had readings from 10 books and…that is a lot. (I always want to feature more, and 10 is probably the most we’ve done in one event.) But that’s still just a 2-hour program, with 2 breaks, and everyone’s sitting! How tiring can that get?

I think that’s what happens when everyone commits to a thing? And goes into an experience with full feeling?? Comfy sleepwear and bean bags aside, our imaginations and hearts were getting a workout. It is, as always, such a welcoming environment to introduce our words to. Thank you, #RomanceClass! See you at…April Feels Day 2020?

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