Filipino Readercon 2015 at DLSU

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I’ve participated in the past Readercons in a casual, somewhat non-committal way, since it started. Of course it was the kind of thing I’d go to as a participant, and I did. Then I was invited to be part of panels, and I’d do that. When I was fortunate enough to be a finalist at the Filipino Readers’ Choice Awards, which were given out during Readercon, then I went to those too. Earlier this year I was invited to be part of the board of this group of volunteers, thinking I’d have dinner with the fellow board members, talk about books, and then go home. No obligation to help organizing the event, they said.


11.26 #TBT ReaderCon 2012. Someone was tiny back then 🙂 #FilReaderCon #RoadtoFRC2015

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This year I actually helped a bit more, even if I had been under no obligation to. The committee needed help with the program and putting some panels together, and what the hey, I like doing that. I like having interesting people who did interesting things sit on a panel and tell everyone else what they’ve been doing. So I suggested a few things, and then did a few things, and before I knew it, there were shared spreadsheets, I was drafting letters on my birthday week, I’d put in the little company I co-founded to provide support with paperwork, Jothee and Carmel (volunteers too mind you!) were sending letters to people, and late night messages were bouncing back and forth about budgets and books and performers and lots and lots of Mockingjay books.

On November 28, it all came together, and for a day we offered a bunch of activities for people who enjoyed reading and books. The program went a little something like this:

It was fun, if a bit crazy busy. But people were helping each other out, every step of the way, which was awesome, because that’s what you try to look for right? For people who feel the same way about the thing as you and just want to do stuff. Honey de Peralta of Readercon was at the PILF in Davao also last week and we were talking a little bit about what was coming, but not really, maybe because we were in denial, but we did talk about why we were doing this at all…and the only answer we could give was, we just wanted to.

So we did! So glad I jumped in and committed, this time. So worth it.


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