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Welcome to the my Hello stop on the Hello+Vintage Love blog tour (organized by Book Junkie Blog Tours)! Hello is a new book by Filipino author Addie Lynn Co.

What if The One actually walks up to you and even says hello, would you greet back or turn your back unknowingly that you have actually met? Would you know when you’ve actually met?

Serendipity is a funny thing that brings a tinge of bittersweet bliss to anyone who is fortunate to experience it. Hello is a trilogy that explores how serendipitous life can sometimes be.

Definitely, Maybe is a story of how fate plays with two people as they meet each decade hoping that maybe this time around, they can finally be together.

Almost Mismatch tells how two people so right for each other be so wrong and no matter how much they try to suppress their feelings, true love will not stop at anything. What is meant to be will be.

Finally, Dinner Date portrays how two people’s search for love could take them to different places and people only to lead them back to where they started.

The world is just like a huge maze that no matter what direction one walks to, there will always be one final destination. There seems to be an invisible string that is handcuffed to two people on each end and unsuspectingly pulls these two people destined for each other back together no matter how long it takes.

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Read an excerpt from Hello right now — and don’t forget to join the giveaway!

After the biggest fight Tyler had with Kelly, there was nothing else he could do but to go to Kelly’s parents’ home and apologize to her. He knew how great Kelly was and that he does not deserve her.

When Tyler reached the house of Kelly’s parents, he felt hesitant for a moment. He was not even sure if he was still welcome to their house for hurting Kelly so much.

He stared at the doorbell thinking if he should ring it or not.

“Hey there!” Tyler heard a familiar voice. When he turned around, he saw a spitting image of Kelly. The twins were both petit and always had long black hair. But Kelly had her hair cut into a bob with a little side bangs to separate her from her twin sister. She has always been living in the shadow of her twin sister because she just liked to keep her image simple. She does not apply makeup on her face except on special occasions unlike her twin sister who always looked gorgeous.

Oh how he wished it was Kelly, but it was only Keri, Kelly’s twin sister.

“Hey, Keri! Long time no hear!” Tyler greeted. Keri laughed. “Yeah! Long time no hear for you because you see my face every day in my twin sister.” Keri said.

“Is Kelly home?” Tyler asked.

“No, she just went out. What’s with the two of you? First, you don’t show up in the dinner dates that she sets up for both of you; sometimes, you even come home drunk. You’ve only been married for three weeks, and now you’re getting an annulment? Why don’t you try to patch things up first?” Keri suggested to Tyler.

“I really envy what you and Kelly have when you just got married. You would be whispering to each other’s ears and laughing at your inside jokes like no one else is around. And the way you stare at each other—priceless. There’s this certain glow in your faces and sparkles in your eyes. I definitely felt like you really loved each other. Whatever happened to that?”Keri asked.

“I do not really know. Kelly is really easy to talk to and she really listens to what you say. We usually share the same humor and all but every time I realize I was getting too happy and comfortable with her, it’s like something is stopping me from all that. It just hits me that I could be happier if only I was sharing this laughter with the one I really love.” He was gathering the courage to actually make a confession.

Tyler stared at Keri for a long time, then, said, “You know, I have a confession to make. I think this is the right time…” Keri sat on the steps of the front porch of the house.

“Really? What is it?” Keri asked as Tyler sat beside her.

“I think I’m in love with you…” Tyler confessed.

What Tyler confessed came as a shock to Keri.

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About Addie Lynn Co

Addie grew up reading Sweet Valley High books and Nancy Drew mystery books. She finished a degree in Communication Arts and really wanted to pursue a career in filmmaking but due to high production costs of a film, she opted to tell her stories through her novels. Being the hopeless romantic that she was, she will stop at nothing to share her passion with everyone and hopes that she could infect others with it. She’s a daydreamer by day and an author by night. 


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