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Romance Class

In 2013, I facilitated an online class, and gave them resources to write a chick lit/contemporary romance novella. I collected the “lectures” (posts sent to the group) and made a little textbook out of it. This year, I updated the textbook, because so much about publishing has changed. We also learned a lot from seeing how readers responded to the books from the authors who originally joined the class, and those who joined the community after.

This is not the only way to write contemporary romance, but it’s how #romanceclass has decided to do it. The community was shaped by Filipinos who write in English, the books are in English, and our readers are from all over the world. There are “rules” (for example: HEA only, no sudden deaths) that might take getting used to for Filipino writers (believe me in every new class there’s always someone who pushes for tragedy). We’ve also taken a stand on various things that are meant to make our books more inclusive, and not harmful to others. This is a continuing process but we’re listening to readers and encouraging more writers to do their thing.

The ebook edition of the textbook is available here: There is no print edition, but the book is in PDF that you can print, if you need to.

One way to get it free is to show me that you’ve purchased:

5 of my books (ebook or print, list here:,
5 books by #romanceclass authors who aren’t me (ebook or print, list here:
5 books by WOCinRomance authors who aren’t me, and aren’t #romanceclass authors (ebook or print, list here:

All purchases must have been made in 2017 and thereafter. Email receipts or other proof of purchase of these 15 books to

I do “intro sessions” to #romanceclass in Manila, free for those who already have the textbook. You’ll be able to join this as well if I’m holding one near you.

I also recommend reading all of this, before starting on the textbook. Or maybe read them while working on your book. Our books, when published, join a world of romance books and provide very important and specific context. This matters so much and giving it thought makes the book better!


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