Interim Goddess of Love, with new art by Shai San Jose

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I’ve been doing a series on the #RomanceClass Twitch channel that I’ve been calling ”publishing chika” — just a few minutes of talking after I do my writing sprints. The topic over the past few weeks has been releasing new editions of previously published books. For two main reasons: To add value to the book, and to keep it alive. Give readers today a reason to pick up a years-old book for the first time.

My series Interim Goddess of Love has seen several editions, but here’s the latest one: It’s got new art by Shai San Jose.

Commissioning the illustrations coincided with an update I made to the book, and the addition of content notes. [I’ve been uploading chapters of the book here on the site too.]

All in all there are 12 new illustrations: each volume has a full color cover and 3 b/w inside illustrations. They’re a mix of character representations and actual scenes, some of them I described, others I needed some help imagining. If you’re curious about my role in the creative process for the art, it’s mostly choosing between this or that (that!), and saying ”that’s great!”

This edition is available in its entirety only at The bundle on Gumroad includes:

– Interim Goddess trilogy compilation with b/w inside art (epub, mobi)
– Interim Goddess of Love IGoL #1 with new cover and inside art (epub, mobi, pdf)
– Queen of the Clueless IGoL #2 with new cover and inside art (epub, mobi, pdf)
– Icon of the Indecisive IGoL #3 with new cover and inside art (epub, mobi, pdf)

The edition available at all the other retailers is the compilation with b/w inside art.

Interim Goddess of Love trilogy buy links:  Amazon |  Google Play |  Kobo | Apple Books |  Ko-fi Shop |  Smashwords |  Barnes & Noble

Because there have been several editions of this series I have a continuing offer to give people who bought any previous edition access to any new ones. If you have a previous edition just email me [minavesguerra at gmail] a photo/proof of owning the earlier edition and you’ll get these new digital editions free.

Thank you for choosing Hannah (and her friends)!


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