Interview with #LunaEast author D.R. Lee

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1. Describe your Luna East story in a few short sentences. 
Picture Me Naked is a story about high school rivals who may or may not just be rivals to each other after all. For as long as Laika could remember, Seth has always been the bane in her existence. He’s her arch-nemesis – the one person whose sole purpose in life is to make her miserable. Yet when Seth says that one magic phrase, Laika couldn’t help but blush from the tips of her toes to the ends of hair.

2. Did a real event from high school inspire your story?
Not from high school, but yeah, it was inspired by a real event. I was a debater in College and in order to ease the nervousness of my teammates, I always joked around and told them to picture their crush naked.

3. What did you like to read when you were in high school?
Harry Potter!!! haha! I was also into the Replica series by Marilyn Kaye, Goosebumps by R.L. Stine and Buffy the Vampire Slayer books. Those were my staples in high school.

4. Who do you think should be reading Luna East, and how do we get the books to them?
Although it’s marketed for high school students, I think Luna East is well-suited for everyone as it has a variety of stories within its pages. As for the how, well, we’re already trying to each audiences online, so that’s a start.

5. What other stories are you planning for Luna East?
I’m thinking of writing a story about having a crush on the teacher. The other Luna East writers were encouraging me to write about this on Twitter since they’ve been reading my tweets about my professor in law school who’s also my crush. haha!

D.R. Lee is a law student hailing from the Philippines. Outside of her academic endeavor, she does writing, painting and a whole lot of reading. On a perfect day, she talks with people inside her head and tells their stories through printed words. You can reach her via email, or you can follow her via Twitter or visit her Facebook page.

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