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Things that I like to do and might actually help this career of mine: Watch romance media (TV and film) and talk about it. Usually if I watched the rom-com with a friend, we’d talk after, I’d process my feelings, and then I’d be done.

That said, I really like talking about romance media with #RomanceClass authors and readers, because it doesn’t have to be Process Feelings Then Done. We can enjoy (or not enjoy) something, and also talk about it as a thing that influences us as creators and consumers. We get to shift back and forth from enjoying/not enjoying a thing as the audience and then think of what that means for us as creators.

This used to be something I didn’t unload on my friends. But since all my social media accounts are for my author self, I decided to start sharing my reviews and reactions. I love the reactions I get from fellow fans, or someone who tried it because of how I talked about it, or someone who has strong feelings about that thing.

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Tara started #RCMovieWatchParty during quarantine and has been picking the movies we watch, which I really appreciate because seriously I can’t pick a movie. The Pinoy rom-com category, though I love it and have my favorites, is just a mess. If I could be assured that a Pinoy movie that packaged itself as a romance isn’t going to waste my time (by not really being a romance or by pulling a romance-hating switch), I’d be more relaxed about this and actually watch more new-to-me titles that show up in the tab. Being picked doesn’t guarantee a movie will be loved by the way! At least I know we’ll have fun either way.

Twitter discussions at the #RCMovieWatchParty hashtag.

Some standouts for me so far:

The Hows of Us. The marketing for this movie actually made me not want to watch it, because it seemed like it would be another several hours of watching the guy get away with bad behavior. But it wasn’t! It was fun, and pretty to look at, and mature, and compassionate, and I’m glad I got to see it.

Got 2 Believe. I’m pretty sure I watched this back then, but I couldn’t remember most of the scenes when we watched it. It’s dated in parts, but a lot of it still works. One of the movies that made us, for sure.

Isa Pa, With Feelings. This is my favorite rom-com, and I made that announcement pretty clear when I first saw it, and when I watched it again when it showed up on iWant, and when it came up on the watch party playlist. So gorgeous and moving.

Luck at First Sight. Gets strange at the end, but I enjoyed the start and middle a LOT. Jericho Rosales should be in more rom-coms.

She’s the One. A fave that got even better when watched again with friends.

Join #RCMovieWatchParty if this is your thing! Visit Tara’s tweet at the top of this post and ask to be added to the channel.

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