KIDS THESE DAYS: Stories from Luna East Arts Academy volume 1 (Art Feature)

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This is so exciting! *gasp pant wheeze*
Welcome to my stop on the Kids These Days: Stories From Luna East Arts Academy blog tour. I’m part of this collection of short stories (all set in high school) but I’d like to showcase the art that appears in the book here.
Because we encouraged the writers contributing a Luna East story to post their work online, many of the stories in the book are things you’ve probably seen (or can see, right now, if you go to or Wattpad). But the art? These are all new. 🙂
By Robert Wong, for Anne Plaza’s story

Robert V. Wong is an illustrator and graphic artist who has done works for gaming companies, restaurants, schools and organizations.  He has a passion for anime-related art as well doing speed caricatures and technical design.  On occasion, he is known to dress up as a robot when he indulges in his hobby called cosplay, along with his wife Jewel, as well as organizing such events. His works can be found in his Deviantart at

By YK Marquez, for Kristel S. Villar’s story
When YK started drawing at the age of three, she would fill their home with large doodles on the wall, even on the pages of her school textbooks. She would also tinker and experiment with her mom’s point and shoot camera. While it used to be more of a hobby to her than anything else, she eventually took a step forward to take her art seriously when she took a Fine Arts degree and majored in Visual Communication at St. Scholastica’s College.
YK aspires to break into the children’s illustration industry and create inspiring stories for children and young adults alike. She is currently working freelance as a web and graphics designer.

By Richard Cy, for Stella Torres’s story
Richard Cy is a casual illustrator residing in Manila. He is a graduate of the Far Eastern University with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Advertising. The arts heightened his passion for his craft, deepened by various literary works and stimulated by unlimited sorts of music.
With paper, watercolor and ink as the tools of his trade, Richard makes hand drawn illustrations in a contemporary approach. He can also combine his works with digital techniques to befit the client’s needs.
Richard is available for freelance work and private commissions. You can email him at to get in touch.

By Jonnalyn Cabigting, for Jen C. Suguitan’s story
Jonnalyn Cabigting aka baka_usagi’s earliest memories of her childhood will never be completed without her sitting on the floor, while holding crayons and doodling “stickman versions” of Disney princesses and princes. She claims that drawing anything and everything (on the back of your notebook when the class gets boring) enhances your art skills. In school, she usually drew hand-made mangas for her friends and occasionally joined poster making contests. She also participated in stage and classroom decorations and became a member of her primary and secondary school’s journalism club as an editorial cartoonist.
Thought she did not pursue this talent in college, she would often find time to improve her skill in drawing thanks to Paint Tool Sai and Photoshop.
Today, she is an accounting staff in Pasig and a freelance writer and illustrator at Wattpad.
About the book

The stories from LUNA EAST ARTS ACADEMY are about love. And also, friends, food, kissing, rumors, mean people, insecurities, birthdays, breakups, making up. We set it in an arts academy because we wanted everyone to have a talent, and know it. Because no one is ordinary, if you know them well enough. 

Who are you, at LUNA EAST? Are you a popular kid, a wallflower, a drama club diva, a debate whiz? Visit to read more stories from #LUNAEAST, and submit your own. For readers 16 and up. Buy the paperback:

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