Kiss and Cry audiobook, narrated by Rachel Coates

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Kiss and Cry has an audiobook edition! Listen to it now on Scribd.

This was produced through the Findaway Voices and Scribd Choice Authors Program, and I’m grateful to have been selected. The team at Findaway Voices and Scribd also supported the decision to hire my choice of narrator, Rachel Coates, for this project. That’s wonderful because, as it is, there aren’t a lot of Filipino books in audio, and when we actually produce them I feel we should be prioritizing Filipinos as the narrators.

Why aren’t there a lot of audio editions of books by Filipino authors? Because it’s expensive. We need a good narrator, access to a studio or recording equipment, someone who can edit audio. Novels take time to record, and checking it requires listening to an entire book and then going back and forth with revisions. It’s a production! We want everyone involved to be paid well for their work. It is its own format and having an audio edition introduces a book to so many new readers.

Kiss and Cry will be available on Scribd (upon release), and then eventually at other audio retailers. While we’re waiting, I’ll share some chapters. If you don’t have Scribd yet, here’s a link to get a 2-month free trial:

Chapter 1 Kiss and Cry by Mina V. Esguerra narrated by Rachel Coates
Chapter 2 Kiss and Cry by Mina V. Esguerra narrated by Rachel Coates
Chapter 3 Kiss and Cry by Mina V. Esguerra narrated by Rachel Coates

Definitely the plan is to have audio editions of all of my books, of all the romanceclass books, and develop a narrator pool of Filipino talent for romance and YA books. Do you want this? Or do you want to help? Let me know!

Listen to the audiobook of Iris After the Incident (also narrated by Rachel Coates).

If you are a Filipino and you want to be considered for audiobook narration work, fill up our form here.

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