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Answering some questions I got on Instagram. Thank you for the Qs!

Q: What kinds of research did you have to do for the book?

The answer has a lot of parts to it:
1. Hours of watching movies about skating and hockey, ideally both in the same movie! And rewatching the faves that got me interested in them as a kid. And a gazillion videos as well of competitions, classic routines, instructional videos, games, live streams. The book is dedicated to two people who sent me things to read and watch the past two years, keeping me on track even when I kind of gave up on this book. (Thank you.)
2. Hanging out at the rinks in Pasay and Ortigas, watching training and games. Sometimes with friends (Tania and Six), sometimes by myself. One time I sat and wrote there, except it’s not the easiest place to write really.
3. Sliding into the inboxes/dms of hockey player Paolo and figure skater Jestine, who answered my questions. As with most books I write, I come into this as a romance author primarily, so I usually identify the trope and characters first–then check with them if certain aspects of the trope or plot can actually happen. That said, I decide whether to keep a thing in my book for plot or drama purposes, and reading my sports romance is still no substitute for learning about the real history, issues, and state of winter sports in the country. This is me saying I wrote fictional stuff, haha.
4. Skating again! After years of not skating, I tried it again with a friend (Kim!). I am way worse at it now.
5. Usually I try not to identify too much with the characters I write, but this time I came close. There is a real hugot in there somewhere, and the research involved some unpacking, some stepping back, some reflection on what could actually be done to fix things.

Q: Where to have all that food in the book?
A: A place like Aysee’s for the sisig (but Manam is totally fine if you’re near one anyway). The fried kesong puti salad at Mary Grace. The sinigang sa bayabas at pinya at Mesa. To name a few!

Q: Are we getting a short story following the events after the ending of Kiss and Cry?
A: Yes there’s a short story I’m writing that’s set after the ending, but involves a different set of characters. 🙂

Q: Will the characters in Six 32 Central make cameos like in Chic Manila?
A: Within the series, yes! That’s the plan. Calinda was already in What Kind of Day, and the two main characters for the next book already appear in Kiss and Cry. (I also deleted Naya from the Parchment ball scene in KaC because it was wrong in terms of timeline, but she was originally going to be in the book haha.)

Q: Ram and Cal’s initials are RC, was that romanceclass intentional
A: Haha no! But that totally works.

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