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Yes it’s possible, apparently, to indie-pub a romance book and see it acquired by libraries. If you use Smashwords (and opt into Overdrive for digital books), Findaway Voices (for audio books), and CreateSpace (now Amazon print, for print books) then the library option is just there already.

I didn’t think about it all that much because I’m not used to the public library system the way other countries know and use it. I associate libraries with schools, a preference for educational material, and if someone representing a library does tell me they want romance titles I assume their budget will be very limited. The few times I’ve worked with libraries with budgets it wasn’t easy, because of the paperwork involved. (Which has led to: if my books are in a Philippine library, they’re through my local publishers, or I’ve donated the books.)

Then it occurred to me to check if opting into library distribution has led to…my books being in libraries. And yes they are! This usually starts with a library patron making a request, and the book being acquired. Look into this if you can.

These are my books in different libraries. Putting up links to my two most recent releases first, entries found as of December 2018. Thank you for requesting, acquiring, and reading a book by a Filipino author!

Better at Weddings Than You
all print; no Overdrive edition

New York Public Library
Loyola University Chicago
North Carolina State University
Palatine IL Public Library
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Davenport IA Public Library
Denver CO Public Library
Louisiana State University

What Kind of Day

Print books
Helen Plum Memorial Library Lombard IL
Des Moines IA Public Library
Seattle Public Library

Digital books
My Media Mall IL
Harris County TX Public Library
Sacramento CA Public Library
The Free Library of Philadelphia PA
Los Angeles CA Public Library
Albuquerque and Bernalillo NM Public Library
Yakima Valley WA Libraries
Pike’s Peak CO Library District
Arlington VA Public Library
Seattle Public Library
Toronto Public Library


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