New series, new titles [work in progress]

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I am not releasing a new book after all in 2022 (and that’s okay!) but I’ve been working on these two books for approximately one year now. It took some time to figure out when/where to place this in the present covid/alert level situation, and also it took me several tries to figure out what my writing sounded like that isn’t just layers of 2022 election year anger and anxiety.

What happened was that I took my sweet time world-building, plotting, designing characters for one book, only for the story that I meant as a maybe-book 2 to form more solidly in my head. It’s fine, it’s fine, I’ll have two books I guess?

I’m calling this the Forty Sudden series (so far just two books though). These are the covers for the preview editions I have posted and will post online.

First Time for Everything (#1) is about Sabrina, 41, who upon getting laid off early into the pandemic, puts all of her savings into reviving an old dream of putting up her own little cafe. Like the beloved but short-lived coffee shop her parents ran when she was in college. The romance here is with Victor, who used to deliver sandwiches and cakes to the family coffee shop when they were in college, and is running his family’s food business today. Read a preview on Wattpad.

Exception to My Rule (#2) is about Erika, who is not a lawyer, even if everyone else in her family—three generations of San Ignacios so far—is one. At 40 she quits her high-powered corporate job to become cashier/barista at her best friend’s cute little cafe, a move that she doesn’t regret at all, but of course everything she does is a concern to them. Truth is, Erika relishes being her own person, going her own way far away from law–and to surprise her family even more she agrees to date the customer she has a crush on. Daniel, who works nearby…but guess what his job is?

Eventually book 1 will make its way to publication, and then I’ll share a preview of book 2. I can’t promise any release dates yet, but I’m posting updates on my progress here and we’ll see it all take shape I guess.

PS If you know anything about my life, you’ll know the inspiration for the San Ignacios. (Ssh don’t tell them anything, surprise natin to ha.)

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