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In recent years I’ve taken my books “wide” — meaning I took every book off Amazon exclusivity. Being exclusive to Amazon has its advantages but many US retailers don’t accept Philippine payment apps (or just instantly reject cards issued here, problems like that). I’ve tweeted, posted, whined (possibly) many times hoping that a platform would step up and accept the payment apps that Filipinos use. And then invited me to be one of their founding creators. 

My books What Kind of Day, Kiss and Cry, So Forward, Totally Engaged, and Scambitious are on now, and all only P100/$1.81 each (for a limited time!). accepts Gcash, Maya, GrabPay, Paypal, as well as credit and debit cards. These epub editions are already compatible with Kindle devices and apps. If you don’t have copies yet, I hope you consider getting through this new store! 

Another thing that is available there on discount is the 2022 edition of the #RomanceClass textbook. This compilation of lessons from the class has been available for 9 years, and updated 4 times. This new edition was something I’d been planning to do for a while and finally had the time to. If you already have it on Gumroad, just go to your library and download the new files! If you’re using this as a guide, definitely switch to the new one. I made a lot of edits to catch us all up on what’s relevant in 2022, added to the introduction, made MC/LI descriptions gender neutral, talked about how RomanceClass books have mentioned covid, and more. It’s also got a new layout, and an epub edition (with cover art by Shai San Jose) to go with the usual PDF. Get it on MinaVEsguerraBooks.

PS: So this textbook as I mentioned has been around and available to purchase for 9 years. It’s also periodically free, or deeply discounted several times a year. People get it free when they join a class, or I offer it as a download when giving talks or lectures. I do think sometimes that anyone who would ever want this already has it…but then in the few days that this has been on (with Pinoy-friendly payments!) it has gotten all-new purchases again. Which reminds me of the value of finding the spaces that prioritize us.

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