On Print Books and Online Reading (February 2020)

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Sometimes I get asked things, and I inform my interviewers that I will be posting the Q&A on my web platforms or social media. Will leave this here for now (answers are mine!): 

How do [you] see the future of Filipino printed novels?
Print books are expensive to produce, our distribution options have almost disappeared, and publishers now ask for a minimum threshold of online popularity before considering investing in new authors. This means print books will remain but only a certain kind of story will be published. Anyone else will need to look elsewhere and that’s fine—the world of publishing has many opportunities outside of print and bookstores.

What do you think of the growing trend of online reading?
I don’t think it’s a “trend” now. It’s already the industry standard.

Do you prefer printed books over e-books? Why? 
I read and buy more ebooks per year than print books, because of convenience. I read 106 books last year, but bought less than 10 print books. I am even more of a reader and a supporter of authors now, just not a large supporter of print in comparison. The stories are the same and the authors earn more.

After 10 years, do you think printed novels would still be in demand? Why?
Any book should be in any format that the reader wants it in. When I want a book, I check if it’s available as an ebook, or print, or audiobook. I think anyone studying publishing, or working in publishing, should stop arguing about print vs any format, and instead work on making books available in ALL formats.

What piece of advice will you give to the readers who prefer e-books over printed books?
That’s great! You are the future of publishing! Now demand better quality books, in all formats!


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