Perfect Boyfriends: My Imaginary Ex, No Strings Attached, That Kind of Guy

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I clicked “publish” this weekend on something. Don’t panic — I don’t suddenly have a new book you’ve never heard of! But I did compile three of my earlier books, those that might be a bit difficult to find outside of the Philippines, and now they’re available in print and ebook editions worldwide, from online stores you like.

I’ve opted this into CreateSpace Expanded Distribution which means bookstores and libraries that order from CreateSpace can sell and stock this book. (If you represent a library or bookstore, check this out if you want more Filipino authors/Asian setting romance on your shelves! Thanks!)

I will not be making a print on demand edition of this for the Philippines, nor will this be in Philippine bookstores. But it’ll be available for purchase from sites that ship to the Philippines.

Three books by bestselling romance author Mina V. Esguerra, together in one edition for the first time. Fall in love three different ways… 
Jasmine once pretended to be Zack’s ex girlfriend, to help him score with another girl. They’ve been good friends since then, so good that his two real exes rope Jasmine into their plan to stop him from marrying someone they think is totally wrong for him. (MY IMAGINARY EX)
Carla’s 29 and won’t settle down and marry just any guy, no matter what her friends say. She thinks Dante is a safe bet for a non-relationship, because he’s 24 and couldn’t possibly want something long-term. (NO STRINGS ATTACHED)
Anton has dated a lot of women and is everyone’s “delicious distraction.” But he seems to have fallen hard for good girl Julie — if only she believed him. (THAT KIND OF GUY, winner of the 2013 Filipino Readers’ Choice Award for Chick Lit.)
Buy links: Amazon  Smashwords  CreateSpace paperback (use code VB9SRYWV to get 20% off) 

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