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Seven out of the last ten books I read recently have been on Scribd. My free trial year ended last month, and when the time came to decide to renew, I did. Right away.

Scribd is a book-streaming (“read all you can”) service, like Oyster Books and Kindle Unlimited, which charges you a flat fee per month for access to all the books in their catalog. Oyster is not available in the Philippines (but my books are there because of Smashwords), and Kindle Unlimited didn’t have the titles I was hoping for. I tried Scribd because of the generous one-year trial offer given to Smashwords authors, and it worked. In that year, I saw their selection get better, growing to include books I know I want to read, and audio books too. I’ve become a bit of a binge reader lately, doing a marathon of an author’s backlist once I discover one I like.

If you’re on Scribd you’ll be able to read my books there too! Let me know what the reading experience was like. Did you prefer paying a fee per month to read everything? Or is that too much of a commitment, and you still want to decide to pay per book, when you want to read it?


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