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“Where do your stories come from?” I’m often asked. Usually I don’t really know, but for this book? I knew.

First prompt:

Second prompt:

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On this day, before rehearsal started, Salve suggested to Migs that he should be a wedding planner. Other things happened but the idea crawled into my head and stayed there.

Third prompt:
A friend sent me a link to this NY Times article thinking I could be inspired by it: China’s Cheating Husbands Fuel an Industry of ‘Mistress Dispellers’. It did inspire me in an unexpected way. I didn’t really want to find a plot bunny in the actual story because I couldn’t root for anyone in that situation as described, you know? But the idea of knowing someone who’d be that manipulative was all that I needed.

With all of that in place, all it took was having pieces fall together, and I had my characters and plot. Choosing this to be Daphne’s book also gave me the chance to explore a couple of things I had been waiting to — primarily, what this kind of romance novel would feel like when both main characters are over thirty.

I thought it would be difficult, since I was writing New Adult and the younger side of adult romance for a while, but Daphne and Aaron were a relief! They totally were. I’m in my thirties, and these are things I’ve talked about. Or thought about. I won’t say which is which for now. Daphne was a minor character who didn’t start out having a solo story, but I wanted that when we check in on her years later we see that she’s doing just fine. There’s no need to feel sorry for her — we don’t get to tell her what her timeline is for things.

So yes, this book is my love letter to thirtysomethings, and everything else that I put into the book. I hope you pick it up! It’s the 9th Chic Manila book but it’s a standalone, and you can catch up on the other books any time. Links to get the book here.

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