Romance Komiks: Yes? Now? Yes.

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We’ve talked about this for years, and now we’ve taken steps to start. #RomanceClass as a community supports romance genre content pretty much across all media. I watch Filipino romcom movies, a bunch of us follow romance K-dramas, we groupwatch Hollywood romance movies, we buy/lend/borrow/follow romance comics in print and web formats. We support indie art markets like Komiket…and for years someone has said we should do romance comics and work with Komiket’s Filipino artists.

OK, we’re going to do that now! Sign up for the RomanceClass and Komiket collab at

The form is just to get to know everyone and see where they’re at, and how they’d like to participate. I also explain very quickly what #RomanceClass is about, just so anyone joining is clear what we mean by Romance (we require HEA/HFN). We will likely do a workshop as we start, so any questions about the genre and format can be addressed then and we’d love if people send in their questions so we know what we’ll need to cover. Please sign up with an email that you check often!

Here’s the intro that I added to the form:

Thank you for being interested in creating romance comics! This is a collab project with #RomanceClass, a community of Filipino authors of romance in English. We’ve published more than 100 romance books, available worldwide, listed at

Our published books have the following romance pairings: (mostly) m/f, (need more) m/m, f/f, f/non-binary.

We set guidelines for #RomanceClass books! They are:

Romance must be main plot (not subplot or B plot)
Characters must choose each other at the end (the “happy ending” as required in romance genre publishing)
Agency for Filipino characters (they must be free to make decisions that affect their lives, careers, relationships)
Consent in depictions of romantic relationships

Romance comics we produce together will use the same editorial process and guidelines.

In terms of sex content, we allow authors to write what their story needs, and select a heat level that applies. This is our current heat level scale:

Level 0 – No sex on or off the page (kissing included here)
Level 1 – Off-page sex mentioned in story
Level 2 – At least one “closed door” sex scene (“fade to black”)
Level 3 – At least one “open door” sex scene
Level 4 – Explicit erotic romance, with characters still choosing to be in a committed relationship with each other at the end of the story

If you have questions about the writing, the editorial guidelines, heat levels, or the #RomanceClass community in general, send them to MINA (

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