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This week I made a major change to my author bio: Adaptations rights of my books are now represented by Anna Liza Recto-Ruth at Bold MP. (Which means any inquiries on adaptations should be sent to annaliza [at], thank you!) This was a fun, exciting thing that Anna Liza and I have been working on for about a year, and I’m glad I was able to get certain things in place right before quarantine.

One of those “things” was how to work out a partnership so that other #RomanceClass books could be represented, and get a shot at the same adaptation opportunities that my books would get. And frankly, go in all the other directions beyond the scope of my books. It makes sense to me, and it’s how we’ve been doing things anyway. So now there’s a formal aspect to it, and I have become the agent representing adaptation rights for over 70 independently published #RomanceClass books.

(Some of the) RomanceClass authors at the meeting with Bold MP.

It’s been suggested to me way before now to make RomanceClass a publisher, and I’ve resisted that for a bunch of reasons. The primary reason being, publishers make decisions based on what makes them money, and even though we’re very aware of that fact and swim in that world every day, I didn’t want to have that influence the way the community wrote and released and celebrated our books.

I’m grateful that Anna Liza and the team at Bold MP not only appreciate this, but found a way for us to work together with every author still retaining literary and publishing rights (and freedom to pursue book projects they want to do). We’re here for the books they’ve already written, to find out where else in the world they can go, and any future books they want us to represent in the same way.

As soon as I posted this on social media, I got some questions, and here are some answers too:

– I didn’t become a literary agent. I still publish my books, and will keep doing that, but just my own.

– I will only represent #RomanceClass books (ie books written with the community, following guidelines we’ve set, and in a way that’s responsive to feedback by the readers of the community). As of this announcement, I’ve already made an offer to all the authors whose books I would like to represent.

– Joining #RomanceClass and writing/publishing a book with the community doesn’t mean I now automatically represent it. I have to make an offer, and the author has to accept.

I’ll update this page with answers, if I get more questions. Excited for future things, and I’m glad to be doing this with these lovely people.


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