#romanceclass podcast episode 2: NEVER JUST FRIENDS/FALLEN AGAIN excerpt read by Gio Gahol and Rachel Coates

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So episode 2 of our podcast? Is an excerpt from one of my books. Never Just Friends is available in Philippine bookstores via an Anvil Spark Books edition. It’s on Amazon right now under Flirt Publishing, released under the title Fallen Again. (But it’s the same book.)

I chose this book and excerpt because…well, to be frank, I wanted Gio to read more. I briefly entertained the thought of having Gio Gahol and Rachel Coates read from my new book, which I knew would be out by the time the podcast went live. But one of the tricky things we discovered when we produced this was that as a community, we “romance in English” authors don’t write a lot of male POV. And I wanted Gio to, throughout the season, read as much as Rachel did, or close to it. So since I wrote some male POV I knew I’d probably need to use my own books to balance out the rest.

Not that this was a bad choice, no no no. I love Never Just Friends the book, and I love the Jake and Lindsay characters, for a very personal reason. I modeled their careers after the ones I had, or could have had. In fact I hold them both too close that it was a special kind of torture hearing Gio and Rachel perform them, my Jake and my Lindsay, for the first time.

And then Rachel would give me these looks when Gio read about kissing.

And then Rachel would give me these looks when Gio read about kissing.

This scene has Jake confessing his feelings to Lindsay, but don’t worry about spoilers; this is actually an early chapter. Gio read Jake a bit differently from what I had in mind when I was writing him, but I didn’t go and make him change anything. So I experienced Jake’s thoughts filtered through someone else and…well it was exciting. Slightly embarrassing. And kind of hot. It’s hard to explain. Rachel meanwhile is note-perfect as Lindsay, and her line delivery right after the kiss is just…perfect.

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