#romanceclass podcast episode 3: BLAST FROM TWO PASTS excerpt read by Rachel Coates and Gio Gahol

December 26, 2015 - - 1 Comment


The third episode features a scene from Blast From Two Pasts, a romance novel by author Kristel S. Villar. It’s an indie release, available in ebook and print, and it isn’t in mainstream bookstores just yet. If there’s anything that excites me about doing this podcast, it’s that we can showcase indie books that are loved by readers. Kristel’s book has its share of fans and loyal readers — go listen, and we hope we brought Lucas and Cara to life in the best way possible. (And then go get the book!)

I chose this scene for Gio and Rachel to do because it seemed like an interesting, packed chapter. If this were a movie it would be a montage, and we’d see quick cuts of their amusement park date, as they go from one attraction to another. There’s also a nice range to this, because we get to hear Gio/Lucas be scared and teasing, and later, tender. Rachel/Cara gets to be jokey and fun, and later, swoony. Gio throws himself into this and that was fun even during rehearsal. Rachel changes gears and slows it down near the end but you don’t feel it as abrupt, even when you’ve only been listening for less than ten minutes.

What was your favorite line? 🙂 Join the giveaway, by the way! You could win the books in print, or ebook editions, or a guest pass to the next live reading!

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