#romanceclass podcast episode 4: SONGS OF OUR BREAKUP excerpt read by Gio Gahol and Rachel Coates

January 9, 2016 - - 1 Comment


The #romanceclass podcast is back from its holiday break with a scene from Songs of Our Breakup by indie author Jay E. Tria. Jay’s books haven’t been out that long but the reviews and reader love make it seem as if she’s been around for years. We hope this scene captures the reason why.

We changed it up a bit in this episode, if you’ve been following the podcast. At rehearsal we asked if Gio could try being the narrator, and he did a full reading of the entire scene on his own. Doing all the characters, different voices. It was cool (because he’s a great actor duh) and from there we figured out how he could be both the narrator and the love interest, heartthrob actor Shinta. So in the episode you’ll hear, Gio is the narrator, and also Shinta, and Rachel is the main character Jill in dialogue, but we also use her voice when it’s Jill’s inner thoughts. There’s also a walk in the rain, abs, and ice cream. Does it all sound yummy enough?

What did you think of how we changed it up? Here’s a bonus treat: Watch Rachel and Gio perform this scene at the Filipino Readercon.

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