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Thank you for supporting the #romanceclass podcast! My co-producer Tania Arpa and I started this project because it seemed like a fun thing to do, you know, getting actors to read scenes from romance novels by Filipino authors.

It’s still fun, and we’re still totally into it, but now we’re seeing how important this is. In recording the episodes we learn a lot about language, sentence construction, effective character development, dialogue, tension. When the scenes are performed or played back for an audience, we learn about timing, and word usage, and clarity. Also, when everything works, people want to read and buy the full books. Or want to see and hear more scenes.

Also, it’s still fun to do.

As of right now, we’ve already recorded 16 new episodes that haven’t gone up on Youtube. We’re taking a break and doing post-production on those episodes, but we’re already getting questions about future seasons and books. We’re producing this almost completely out of our own pockets so if you want more seasons, I hope you consider buying the mp3 sets on Gumroad. You’ll get all the episodes as mp3s, as well as a guest pass so you can attend the next live reading free.

This week we added a new perk — buy the album and you can nominate a book that may be featured in a future season. The key word is “nominate” and we can’t guarantee that all books nominated will be accepted. But it’s there as a perk, if you want to use it. Details are in a PDF file that you can download once you purchase the season here:

Thank you! Keep visiting for updates! We have more author interviews and yes, 16 new books to feature and soon!


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