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This is a tweet I post, with slight variations, once in a while, and I did it again today:

Here’s the “unrolled” thread:

Pinoy literary dudes following this account: have you read a romance by a Filipino author lately? Do it, and tweet about it 🤗 Support support naman

It should not be at all ok if we support you and you never read us or tweet that you did. 2022 na o.

Ok back to regular programming 😊

Isa pa lol: It’s not just about taste or genre preference. Some of you judge prizes, are panelists for workshops, teach “love stories,” write about relationships. Your work suffers (some of it TERRIBLE, dudes) because you don’t read your peers. We are your peers.

Thank you to the people who support this thread lol. I’ve posted versions of this “challenge” practically every year, and I want to mention what I’ve observed in terms of “change.”

Prior to today, less than 5 Pinoy literary people have actually taken up the “challenge.”

Less than 5 people in the past 3 years (?) who have met me (or another romance author peer), been on a panel/workshop with us, added us on social media, may call us friend, has actually ever posted about reading our books.

*Less than 5 people that I know of because they tagged me. Maybe there are more, correct me if I’m wrong. Anyway.

We (Pinoy romance authors) buy and read literary fic, spec fic, sci fi, YA, comics, art. We go to signings, post about what we read.

A bunch of you (not all naman chz) will not show us the same support or respect.

They also just stopped talking to me here but that’s ok lol I don’t need it. HOWEVER for any other writer here in other groups please see as a red flag when the ~mentors don’t show up for people.

OK I was thinking of what to recommend at the end of this thread and how about the #RomanceClass book with the highest heat level 🔥

(but if you go to you’ll see the range baka di niyo alam 👀)

Originally tweeted by Mina V. Esguerra (@minavesguerra) on March 18, 2022.

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